Corona Virus Update Statistics

Latest Update for Corona Virus

Corona Virus, which is spreading over the globe quickly and this malady demonstrates the spreading of respiratory disease. This infection was first found in Wuhan, China.

Corona Virus in Pakistan

  • Total Cases: 1036

  • Total Deaths: 07

  • Total Recovered: 17

  • Active Cases: 974

Other Countries

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Total Coronavirus Cases


Deaths: 19,155
Recovered: 110,048

At the point when this sickness began its assault in Wuhan, China, it was considered at the outset that patients, who contracted this illness, are related to fish and creature market and this infection was spread from creature to-individual.

The expanding number of patients has not connected to the creature market and this sickness demonstrated the individual to individual spread.

This data about this sickness is gotten from CDC and you can get further updates from here.

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