How to Apply for Tiger Force in Pakistan

Corona Relief Tiger Force Pakistan

According to the Ministry of Pakistan, Citizens of Pakistan would be able to volunteer for the force through PM office Portal by registering himself by the online Citizen portal app. Here you will know more about Corona Relief tiger force and also how to apply for this force in Pakistan.

Imran khan Corona Relief Tiger Force.

Who is Eligible?

Interested candidates must provide their Full Name, Address, Age, Phone Number and union council detail in citizen portal application. Only the age above 18 can eligible to apply for this force.

Ministry said the online registration starts from 31 March 2020 and the last date is to apply is 10 April 2020. Eligible candidates must apply before the last date otherwise your application will not submit.

How to Create Citizen Portal Account

Interested candidates can apply online for this force via Citizen Portal app, first, you need to Download Citizen Portal App.

You need to create your new account in the Citizen portal by entering Name, CNIC, Date of Birth, Age, Adress, Phone Number, Gender, New password.

Verify Phone Number. You will receive a verification code by the Phone number you entered, verify it.

How to apply for Tiger Force in Pakistan

After Registering on Citizen portal you can easily apply for Corona Relief Tiger force Pakistan by clicking on Tiger force after 31 March.

Provide your address, Full Name, Age, CNIC, Union Council detail.

Make sure you are above 18 years to apply for this force.

Job for Volunteers in Corona Relief Tiger Force

Volunteers will get the briefings from the govt!

They’ll Assist patients who are at homes.

They would also take part in making announcements on behalf of the authorities& burial arrangements.


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