How to Earn Money From Internet With Zero Investment Part(2)


.How to Earn Money From Internet With Zero Investment Part(2)

Hi Friends Hope You are Fine , in previous Blog we discussed about 2 Methods to earn money from internet the first one is to how to Earn money from Google Adsense and 2nd is to earn money from Free Lancing.
Today We will Discuss about other method to earn money from internet easily.  Topics we will Cover in this blog are
  • How  To Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing.
  • How to make money with Sponsorship.
  • Earning from blogging in 2019 – 2020.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a Type of Marketing. From which you can earn money by selling products of brands with your own reference. Mean If you are a Youtuber , Blogger or you have a traffic you can generate Special Link of Selling Product.

Then you will share it with your traffic if any one buy product from your link then you will get Earning , it may be a share percentage , or fixed in Pakistan Daraz .pk gives you 11-12 % of share if you sale product with your link.

in india Many People are earning through affiliate marketing from amazon and other famous sites.

You can easily make income from affiliate marketing if you have a huge traffic in your youtube channel or in any other platform.


Sponsorship is also a type of marketing. People Who have huge traffic only they can earn money from sponsorship. Promoting that tries to build up a more profound affiliation and joining between a publicist and a distributer, regularly including composed past the-pennant situations. Sponsorship is promoting the Product of Any company in his traffic . For Example If You are a youtuber and you have large number of subscriber and views then Your niche related companies will contact you to promote their products with you subscriber and company will pay you , pay will depends upon your subscriber and views . Famous Websites from you will get Sponsor Products are AliMama express and famebit (Youtube).


Blogging is the Top Earning Method is 2019 and 2020. From Blogging everyone can easily make huge money and thousands of people in pakistan india are earning large money through blogging and i am also earning through blogging from 2018.

How to Earn Money From Blogging ??

Yes You can do it , To earn Money From Blogging you need a blog , Knowledge about SEO (Search engine optimization)

Blogging is a way to express your day in article now you can also create a blog in which you have interest, You can create Application Review Blog , Tech News Blog , Politics News Blog even you can create travelling it all depends upon your interest.

Now Question is about how to make a free blog. if you have a knowledge about programming languages then you are perfect for blogging and if you have no idea about programming languages then what you will do,

How to Create Blog Without Coding

To  Create a Blog Without Coding or programming knowledge You need to a CMS (Content management system) From here you can easily create and manage your blogs.

you can Use Blogger or WordPress for it WordPress Is an advance CMS From You can easily create advance websites blogs and earn money from it easily. i will recommend WordPress because of many reasons if you want read more about wordpress Click on below Article For More

How To Earn Money by WordPress.

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