How To Earn Money From Youtube

how to earn money from youtube

How To Earn Money From Youtube

hy You want to Earn Money From Youtube ? If Yes then you are in a right post Today We Will learn How to Earn Money from Youtube , How to Create Youtube Channel for Earn Money and more.

What is Youtube ?

Youtube is a video sharing website and also video search engine. There are many amazing features of youtube

Features of Youtube

Users can Watch videos of any type for free

Everyone Can Create Youtube Channel

Upload Own Videos For Free

You Can make money on youtube by uploading videos

Users can Like , Dislike , Comments on Videos and Subscribe Channels and m0re.

How Much i can Earn Money From Youtube

Many People think how much we can earn money from youtube the answer of this question is just depends upon your work and struggle. The Earning of Pewdiepie Channel is Estimate about 60,000 Dollars Daily.

How To Create Channel

You Can Create your channel for earning easily in just 2 minutes for free Watch This Video Now

i Hope You watched this video now the question is how to earn money , You can do it with advertisements. Google Adsense Will Place Ads On your Videos but before it you need 1000 Subscriber and 4000 Hour Watch Time to Display ads on your videos after completing this criteria you need an adsense account if You don’t know how to create Adsense Account Then Click on link below

How To Create Google Adsense account For Free 

After Creating Google Adsense Account You need to connect your youtube channel with this google adsense account to show ads and then you will make money from youtube.

Google Adsense don’t pay you for views , Likes , Comments Google adsense pay only for ads that display on your videos indirectly you can say more views you get more earn you will.

How Much Google Adsense Pay for 1000 Ads (Views) .

It Depends on CPC (Cost Per Click) If Your Traffic is Coming from Europe Countries then you will get more earning for 1000 views and if your traffic is from Asia You Will Get Low CPC (Cost Per Click) and you will get just 1 $ for 5000-10000 Views.

How to Withdraw Youtube Earning From Google Adsense

You Can Withdraw your youtube earning by many ways You can Transfer your earning in bank account and also you can withdraw youtube earning through Western Union (Best).

How To Earn Money From Youtube Without Creating Videos

There are two License in Youtube Standard License and Creative Common License . You can use Creative Common Videos to make money if you don’t want to create your own videos.

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