How To Earn through FreeLancing | Top freelance jobs that make money

In this Article You will learn How To Earn through FreeLancing,  Top freelance jobs that make money in 2019 , Types of Freelance market place , Top freelancing websites and more

Hi Viewers Hope You are fine today we will learn more about freelancing and learn how to start freelancing in 2019 to make huge money. To Start Freelancing you need to Select your Service that you will give to your clients it all depends upon your interest and skills you have. You Should Expert in your Skills because there is high Competition in all freelancing website.

Top FreeLance Jobs That make huge money in 2019

  1. Web Development
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Android Development
  4. Video Editing 
  5. WordPress Development
  6. Graphic Designer
  7. Network Security
  8. Article Writing

The Second Step is to Select Platform where you will provide your services

Top Freelaning Websites in 2019

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. guru
  5. Toptal
  6. PeoplePerHour
  7. hireable 
  8. Nexxt

Which Platform is Best for freelancing in 2019 it all depends upon your skill type. According to me There are two types of freelancing website or freelancing platforms

Types of FreeLance Market place

Traditional Freelance market place

Non Traditional Freelance market place

Traditional Freelance Marketplace

in Traditional freelance marketplace employer post a project and freelancers bid on these projects then employer check freelaner bid response and visit profile of freelancer to check previous work of freelancer if employer like his work then employer will Communicate with freelancer and tell more detail of their project this is called traditional marketplace

Example of Traditional Freelance Market place Websites are Upwork , Freelancer , Guru etc.

Non Traditional Freelance Marketplace

in Non Traditional Freelance Market place the Freelancer post a Gig about their skills and projects then employer will search on freelance market place about project and see profile of freelancers and check reviews about previous projects if employer like their work then he will give order and communicate with freelancer to give more detail of their project.

Examples of Non Traditional Freelance Market place websites are fiverr.

Now go to Freelance marketplace website and create your account in website and post gigs about your work and skills and get projects and complete it to earn money.

Some Tips To Get Orders Quickly

You Know in freelancing there is a high competition in all websites so you need to some tips to get orders in 2019

1. Make a Awesome and convincing profile and professional looking.

2. The gig should be very convincing. You have to include any nice looking sample that you are an expert 1 or 2 samples.
3. Buyer Requests are the most common and easy way of getting gigs. Go to Sales > Buyer Requests.
That’s where you make your pitch to potential buyers about your gig.  Make sure your pitch is nice, short and to-the-point.  Tell them what you can do for them, and why you are the right for the this project.

4. Remember to offer extras features with the gig, like speed delivery, etc.

5. if You are not getting your first order then you need to do with minimum Prize of your project.

Good Luck if You have any question or need any help please drop your comment here.

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